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Zhongshan Zohnson Lighting Co., Ltd.

T5/T8 LED tubes and integrated fixtures

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    No. 13, Qifang Industrial Park, Tongyi Industrial District, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Zohnson Lighting specializes in LED tube lights and linear light fixtures designed be the ultimate retrofit and new installation solutions that outperform competitors' products in efficacy, efficiency, and longevity. With years of industry experience, the combined expertise of its workforce, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Zohnson delivers innovative, cost-effective portfolio of lighting solutions that are responsive to its customers' most specific needs. Zohnson is established on a foundation of pure commitment to delivering sustainable value to exceed customer expectations and drive the company's consistent growth.

Through dedication to effective and efficient design and manufacturing practices that maximize product performance abd minimize production costs, Zohnson has built itself a stellar reputation in the industry for its quality line of products. Zohnson's flagship products include T5/T8 LED tubes and integrated fixtures characterized by their long life, high lumen efficacy, superior dependability and reliability. Zohnson's set the new benchmark in LED tube performance with a high, consistent total system efficacy (including driver). The high thermal conductivity design ensures that internal components operate at lower temperatures, contributing to improved lumen maintenance. These LED tube lights are compatible with PIR occupancy sensors to maximize energy savings. The ability of maintenance-free, highly dependable operation makes Zohnson's products indispensable for heavy duty applications where reliability and performance are crucial while budget is the other important aspect.

Headquarted in Guangzhou, Zohnson operates an independent manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. In addition to multiple assembly lines, the company's in-house capabilities include production of LED circuit boards, drivers, and housings used in its products. The constantly optimized process and high level of vertical integration synergetically delivers an industry-leading product strength that's tough for its competitors to beat. Zohnson's are rigorously tested to meet all the required technical, functional and safety standards required in Europe and the United States. Most of its products are certified in accordance with the requirements of ETL, UL, DLC, CE, RoHS, SAA, and C-Tick.
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